Storman SMS offers a quick and easy way to get your message in front of your storers

Storman sms service
Storman SMS offers a quick and easy way to get your message in front of your storers

In today’s technologically driven world, we are all used to communicate quickly and efficiently on our mobile devices. Why should your business be handling communication any other way?

Whether you want to upsell the box shop items, remind storers when in arrears or rent out your trailers, SMS is a powerful tool to communicate your messages.

People want information fast, mobile and concise. If you need to be reminded to pay something yourself, would you respond better to an email or and SMS?

Same for your storers! Make it as easy as possible for your business to get paid, by utilising SMS within Storman Cloud or Storman One.

  • Dramatically Increase the effectiveness of your storer communications through a low cost, targeted and easy to use medium.
  • Minimise storer defaults and save time chasing arrears by using SMS to complement your existing communications.
  • Storman SMS integrates seamlessly with your existing Storman software package. 
  • Choose your own wording to keep that personal touch using either an ad hoc message or bulk SMS template.
  • Obtain comprehensive survey information from your storers by sending an SMS one day after move-out with a link to an online exit survey.
  • SMS is a low cost and highly effective way to communicate with customers. 
  • SMS can be utilised for general communications or triggered automatically for failed payments using Storman Payment Services.

If you would like to know more, let our team know and we will be happy to talk you through the setup and show you how easy it is to use.