Storman Cloud security checkup

Here are some helpful steps you can take in Storman Cloud to ensure your facility stays safe and secure

With the recent release of some great new features and and security enhancements, there is no better time to run through a quick security review of your Storman Cloud configuration, as well as permissions and user logins for your  staff members.

We have put together a quick and easy security checkup below to help you get started.

Storman security checkup

Check all of your active users are current and valid

Sometimes the last thing we think about after a staff member moves on is their login and access.

Have a quick scan through now and review all of your users in the user list screen, make sure those that are active should be.

If you find some users that are still active that shouldn’t be, deactivate them immediately!

Navigation path: System Settings → User roles and Pins

Reset user passwords regularly

Another golden rule of data security is making sure your users are required to reset their password regularly, there is nothing worse than someone using the same password that they have used for the last 3 years.

This can be done in your system settings, set how often you would like your users to have to reset their password and Storman Cloud will do this rest!

Navigation path: System Settings  → Facility

Check your roles and permissions

Make sure that each of the users belong to the correct role based on what they should and shouldn’t be allowed to do in Storman.

Here are a few suggested examples of roles:

  • Users in the Admin role have the highest level of access and run all reports as well as be able to edit the facility map.
  • Users in the Manager role have slightly lower access, but they can add refunds and credits, and process credit card refunds.
  • Users in the User role are not allowed to view financial reports or change prices of items or unit rack rates, but they can create new leads, customers, move-ins and take payments.

All users have an email address and a quick PIN

This one is important for password resets, if someone forgets their password they will need to request a password reset link from the Storman Cloud login screen.

If a user does not have an email address saved against their profile, they will not be able to reset their password and will need another user that has permission, to reset this for them.

Also, to make switching users easy when everyone is busy or on the phones, make sure each of your users have their 4 digit PIN code setup!

Ensure all users have their own individual user logins

One of the most important rules with data and security is making sure that each user has their own login.

If you have 3 different people logging in under the username “store manager” this is going to make auditing very hard, as well as keeping track of staff performance.

Enable IP address restrictions (advanced)

If you would like to take your security and access to Storman Cloud to the next level, we now have the ability to enable IP address restrictions.

With this, you are able to limit the devices and locations that your users are able to login to Storman Cloud from.

For example, for weekend staff or temporary users that you only want to be able to login to Storman Cloud from your facility or office, while you still have the ability to login from anywhere – even a beach in Hawaii!

Click here for more information, on how to set this up.