How GoStore Self Storage is using Paxton’s Net2 with Storman Cloud.

 The security of any business is of vital importance, but when it comes to self-storage, it’s not just your assets that need protection: it’s those of your storers, too. Having an access control system that directly integrates with your self storage management software is a fantastic way to save time, increase productivity, and reduce the risk of data miss-entry. That’s why the team at Storman have been hard at work developing an integration between Paxton Net2 and Storman Cloud.

We recently caught up with Steve Molyneux, Managing Director of GoStore Self Storage in Chesterfield, to find out how the Paxton Net2 and Storman Cloud integration has helped their facilities!

GoStore Self Storage has been a part of the landscape of Chesterfield since May, 2018, with the opening of their first facility in Grassmoor. From there, they’ve continued to grow – with a second Chesterfield site, a third in Hope Valley, and a fourth being negotiated on the south side of Manchester. “In total, that would mean GoStore has around 90,000 square feet of space between our sites,” Steve tells us. “All of our facilities are owned and not leased, which leaves us with a great financial footing for more expansion in the future!”. 

Since their inception, GoStore has used Storman as their management software. “We started operations on Day 1 with Storman One – and moved across to Storman Cloud as soon as it was released,” Steve recalls. “Using the Cloud platform was a huge benefit to us, especially as we manage multiple sites – I remotely oversee management for them all, and the ability to access and use the system from anywhere has been game-changing. We wouldn’t be able to operate without it – managing hundreds of customers without something purpose-built and easily accessible would be a nightmare!”. 

Paxton’s access control systems have also been a part of GoStore’s operations from the very start. The Paxton Net2 product is designed with both scalability and security in mind, making it the perfect fit. But until recently, it didn’t integrate with Storman Cloud – which made life harder than it needed to be for GoStore. “Operating an access control system independent of our management system wasn’t ideal as everything had to be done manually outside of Storman,” we hear from Steve. “Entering customers, issuing codes, blocking access if needed, removing the customer after the account was closed – it all needed to be done in two separate systems. We were needing to train staff in both, and it was taking up valuable time.”.

As part of our mission to help make self-storage management simple, the team at Storman got to work developing a cloud-to-cloud integration for the two products. The brief was short and sweet – to make it easy for self-storage facilities to manage all elements of their storers’ access within Storman Cloud, and have it communicate automatically with Paxton’s Net2. In August of 2021, that integration was completed by Storman and certified by the Paxton team – making Storman an official approved integration partner!

Our integration makes Storman Cloud the source of truth for your self storage facility’s access data, held within Net2. Whenever you’re moving a customer into or out of a unit, updating their access details, transferring them to a different unit, or modifying staff pins in Storman Cloud,  your Paxton Net2 system will receive the updated information in real-time – removing the need to jump between different systems and double-handle data! 

The integration has helped facilities such as GoStore save themselves time and operate more effectively. “By having all of these everyday things managed from just within Storman Cloud, it’s made things much more efficient and reliable for our sites,” says Steve.

We asked what Steve’s favourite feature of the integration was – but the answer was ‘all of it’! 


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