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Our Company

Welcome to Storman Software – creators of award-winning self storage management software.

Storman has been in the UK for more than 10 years, and more than 25 years in Australasia with early origins in the self storage industry. Technology never ceases to disrupt our daily operations in new ways. Looking back at the last decade, many changes were introduced to this industry. Storman Software is constantly innovating, improving, adding to and supporting the self storage industry software we are so very passionate about with each wave of change.

Our products are always under constant refinement and development. All of our products are mature, stable and multi-platform. We even use our products to power some of our internal customer systems.

We are a real software company staffed by a team of passionate, experienced people. We have dedicated developers, marketing staff and customer support professionals. When customers suggest new features and ideas, we take them on board and include many of them in product updates. We do this simply because no one understands our customers needs better than our customers.

We offer an affordable, flexible licensing structure to suit the size of your business; be it small, medium, large or global. Our software is designed to help you grow – and to grow with you.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create, support and deliver quality self storage management software & services, with a passion, that enable our storage facility clients to succeed.


Storman – a Member of the SSA

Storman joined the Self Storage Association of the United Kingdom (SSA UK) more than a decade ago, aligning with an invaluable resource, learning alongside the association the unique challenges and requirements this industry has on its operators.

Additionally, we recognise that great software helps build a great self storage facility – and over 25 of our clients have won major industry awards for their own facilities.

We are sure that you would like to hear about our business-boosting tools from the very people that have helped us to achieve what we have today – our customers.

What is next for Storman

Storman has combined our already feature rich software with all the benefits of working online and produced the industry’s best online facility management tool available to date. This is a colossal benefit for our customers, and we look forward to demonstrate the product to you.

Storman, along with Global Payments Inc delivers our clients best in class self storage facility management software and payment technology solutions.

Privacy & Software Licence Information

Please refer to our privacy policy or software license agreement.

What our customers say

Storman software is the complete package.
It is user friendly and very easy to learn and I’d recommend it to you. We use Storman so it is easy for us to do, what we do best – and that is to provide the ultimate storage solution possible, to meet our customers needs.

National Mini Storage

One stop shop
Storman is like a one-stop shop, it does absolutely everything you can think of plus more!

From Daily Processing that is so efficient in printing invoices or changing the access for customers etc, to banking, the reports, emails, move in’s and reservations and the facility map that shows the status of every unit. It makes running our facility so easy!

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