Storman Payment Services

Let Storman Make Light Work of Your Payments

Take control of your storage payment collections with our all-in-one solution.

With one simple integration, you get to say goodbye to overdue payments, data collection errors, double-entry and data security concerns. Using Storman Payment Services, you can collect all your storage payments straight from Storman.

Switch on Storman Payment Services today to get these benefits:

  • Let your storers choose how they wish to pay – payments from your website
  • Make it easy for storers to pay you
  • Credit card entries are automatically created in Storman
  • Get peace of mind with PCI DSS Level 1 compliance
  • Collect payment more effectively and get paid on time

For more information on how Storman Payment Services gives you more control over your payments, download our brochure now.


Ways for your Storers to make payments

The following payment mechanisms are available as part of Storman Payment Services:

  1. Automatic Billing.  This is where Storman automatically collects rent directly from a Storers Bank Account or Credit/Debit card.   This is the preferred method of payment for Storers that wish to “set and forget” their rental payments. This payment mechanism has the highest success rate for collection.
  2. Online Payment Portal.    Use Storman Online Payments (Storpay) to allow Storers to make a payment to your facility at any time, from a PC, mobile or Tablet.   A “Pay now” button is typically added to your website by your web designer, which then links to Storpay.
  3. Manually via EFTPOS or bank transfer.

Storman Payment Services accepts the following payment methods:

Storman UK Payment Solutions

Increase cash flow and retain more storers

Key features of Storman Payment Services will ensure that you make it as easy as possible for your Storers to make a payment to you.  The features below help ensure this happens:

  • Invoices are updated with enhanced footers providing your Storers with all the information they need to make payment easily.
  • Storman notice plans are setup to help remind Storers to pay before payment is due, or afterwards when overdue.
  • Links can be added to both SMS and Email notice plans that take a Storer directly to the Storpay online payment page enabling them to make a payment in seconds.
  • Automatic re-trying of credit cards the next day  if they fail, without the need for user intervention.  The retry period can be configured to your own needs.

Notify Storers through automatic SMS notifications and pre-populated payment pages

We make it easy for storers to do business with you


Accept storer payments from your website, 24/7.


Let customers reserve a unit from your website, 24/7.


View your Storman Reports in real-time, from anywhere.