Enhancing Customer Engagement with SMS in Storman Cloud

We believe that nailing customer communication is the key to success. While emails and in-app notifications have been doing the heavy lifting for many years, there’s one gem that often gets overlooked: SMS. Let’s dive into why integrating SMS into your customer communications with Storman Cloud can be a game-changer, particularly in boosting customer engagement through timely updates and real-time conversations.


1.Timely Updates through SMS 

Staying in touch with customers is vital. Whether it’s reminding them about overdue payments, notifying them about important account changes, or shooting off quick info snippets, SMS is your go-to for reaching customers pronto. Here’s why:

Instant Delivery: Unlike emails that can drown in an overflowing inbox, SMS gets noticed within minutes. Whether it’s a heads-up about a pending payment or a heads-down about a service issue, SMS ensures your message gets through urgently.

Sky-High Open Rates: Studies show SMS beats email any day in terms of getting read. With SMS, your messages are more likely to be opened within minutes of landing in your customer’s inbox. That’s a win-win for getting urgent updates or alerts across without them getting lost.

Personal Touch: By tapping into customer data and smart segmentation, Storman Cloud users can craft messages that speak directly to individual preferences and habits. Whether it’s dropping a customer’s name or suggesting tailored solutions based on past interactions, personalised SMS adds that extra oomph to your customer connections.


2. Real-Time Chats with SMS

SMS isn’t just for blasting out messages; it’s also your secret weapon for sparking real-time conversations with your customers. Whether it’s sorting out account hiccups, troubleshooting tech troubles, or just checking in, SMS offers a quick and easy way for customers to chat with you. Here’s why real-time SMS chats are a winner:

Instant Communication: When urgent help is needed, like sorting out account queries or snagging swift support, SMS bridges the gap between your customers and you. No more waiting on hold or staring at unanswered emails; SMS lets you chat back and forth in real-time.

Convenience at Your Fingertips: SMS is everywhere, literally. Whether customers are glued to their smartphones or prefer old-school texting, SMS is the universal language of communication. It’s the perfect solution for reaching customers who might not have a computer handy or prefer the simplicity of mobile messaging.

Tailored Support: Just like with messaging, SMS chats can be as personalised as you like. You can offer your customer customised help and advice, making each interaction feel like a friendly chat rather than a robotic exchange. It’s all about enhancing the customer journey and building those lasting bonds.


In a nutshell, weaving SMS into your Storman Cloud application is a surefire way to amp up customer engagement and communication. Whether you’re firing off quick updates or sparking real-time chats with your favourite storers, SMS is the magic ingredient for forging stronger, more loyal customer relationships. So, why wait? Dive into the world of SMS and watch your customer connections flourish!

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