What’s new in Storman Cloud (Nov 2020)

Whats new in Storman Cloud

The last quarter of 2020 has seen some exciting new features added to Storman Cloud. See what we have added:

Things to make your life easier

  • For our users that use Global Payments, you can now setup autopay for recurring sales and reservations and upload a credit card.
  • You can now change the payment method of a quick sale, if it was created incorrectly. You can’t change the amount or the date though.

New multisite features

In our last update, we mentioned a few new multisite features that were on the horizon, with two of the newly added features already rolled out to our multisite customers. Multisite customers are now able to transfer inventory and take payments for another site.

Transfer inventory
First up is our inventory transfer wizard. Do you you need to send some boxes or bubble wrap to another facility in your company? Now you can with just a few easy clicks in Storman Cloud.

Of course you’ll need to make sure you actually send the physical stock to them, otherwise they won’t be able to sell it!

Multisite inventory transfer


Payment for another site
Secondly is the ability to take a payment for a customer at another facility in your company, perfect if someone walks in and wants to pay you even though they are storing down the road.

Quickly search their name agreement number or unit number.


Bulk SMS and email

Have you got roadworks impacting access to your facility, or a public holiday coming up that you need to let your customers know about?

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to send out a “Merry Christmas” email or text message to all of your customers letting them know your holiday operating hours.

Use Storman Cloud’s new bulk communicator to get the job done! You can find this on your side bar.

Bulk SMS

Custom fields!

If you though four custom fields in Storman Cloud for your customers were great… think again, we’ve added more!

You can now have 10 extra custom fields for your customers, 10 for your facility, 10 for your unit types, and 10 for your leads as well. Best of all, you can tell Storman the type of data you will be using the fields for (phone numbers, email, dates, text etc) and we will validate this for you.

Customise to your heart’s content under your system settings.

custom fields in storman cloud

New Reservations report

Have you seen the new Reservations report in Storman Cloud?

This was an adaptation of the Reservations Summary report from Storman One, showing all of your current, converted or cancelled reservations for a certain date range.

This report shows you if the signup from home link has been sent out to this person or not – perfect if you are using Storman Move-Ins.



Reserving rented units

Speaking of reservations, are you a high performing facility? If so this may help you. We have recently added the ability to reserve units that are currently rented to someone else.

Storman Cloud will also  let you know when you process the current storer’s move out, that there is another customer who has reserved and is waiting for this unit.

Reserve a unit

You won’t be able to convert the reservation, or send the signup at home link out until the unit has been vacated though.

Did you know?

In Storman Cloud, when an overdue customer makes a web payment, we automatically create a task on your task list reminding you to check their agreement. (Just in case you have overlocked this customer and need to restore their access or remove the overlock.)

Our friends at Fry’s Storage didn’t know about this feature in Stroman Cloud, look what they said when they found it:

“…Just noticed after receiving a web payment from an overdue customer that there was a task generated reminding us to look at the account as the customer’s unit may be overlocked. Absolutely love it.  That is an awesome addition to cloud and such a good feature to add in. Well done guys…”

Frys storage

Fry’s Storage Tullamarine, VIC

See Storman Cloud tasks discussed in our knowledge base.

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