What’s new in Storman Cloud? (September 2022)

What’s New?
September 2022


Hello again, Stormanites! Welcome to September’s edition of ‘What’s New’, we’ve got a lot to catch up on this time around! Permissions, shiny new SMS changes, and more – just to name a few. As always, if you’d like to view our full release notes, you can find them via our support portal – go check it out.

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the latest and greatest in Storman Cloud. Read on to learn more!


Two-way SMS, within Storman Cloud.

What’s better than sending SMS to your customers from Storman Cloud? How about customer replies coming straight back into a new chat sidebar inside Storman Cloud? Check out the new SMS tab inside your leads, reservations and agreements. This feature will allow you to quickly and easily see customer responses to your messages. We’re so excited about it, it has its own post – click here to learn more.

Important: a new permission to discard Overnight Processing emails or SMS.

We have added a new permission for your users, the ability to discard (and not send) emails and SMS created by overnight processing.

  • If you have this permission, you will be able to use this button.
  • If you do not have this permission this button is hidden


Bulk charges for agreements and reservations.

You’ve asked and we have listened! Finally, an easier and faster way to add multiple charges and fees to agreements and reservations. Click Add Charges to open your brand new bulk charge adder – where you can select each item you’re adding to the customer’s account, and add them all in one go. Less clicks required!


Capture more alternate contact details.

In Storman, we currently have two sections for capturing customer information, the Primary customer and the Alternate contact person (ACP). In this update, we have also added the ability to have a third and fourth contact person, tertiary and quaternary. This is great if you’re managing vaults – or if you just want to have back-up contacts!

We also know that not everyone will want to use this feature, so if you would like to, simply turn this option on in your facility settings under ‘Operations’.


Important changes to the Rental Increase Report.

We have made some important changes to this report, which include adding a double-layer search when looking for who has had and who needs a rent increase. These new options are:

  • Show me all units whose last rent increase was before a certain date AND have upcoming increases.
  • Show me all units whose last rent increase was before a certain date AND do not have upcoming increases.

And of course, these two options haven’t gone anywhere and are still available to you:

  • Show me all units that have upcoming increases.
  • Show me all units that do not have upcoming increases.


General Improvements.

  • The dotdotdot button menu, which hides bill next charges, refunds etc is now easier to find and has changed to a button called More.
  • Uploaded attachments for reservations and agreements are now sorted with the most recent files at the top of the list.
  • Adding and removing insurance on agreements will no longer clear the move-out and notice given dates, and will correctly create pro rata charges and credits!
  • We have added two new fields to the additional access users popup – you can now store the number plate and colour of the user’s vehicle.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where credits created at the time of move out for items that are not taxable – would include tax on the transaction.
  • If you have a default billing plan configured for all agreements (in your facility settings) have fixed an issue that would block you from removing a promotion from a reservation.
  • For users that do not want to use the task list, we have a new option called Hide the task list, and do not use it in your cloud system settings under Facility > Operations > Tasks and notifications.
  • If you have permission, you will now always be able to delete recurring charges off agreements.
  • Discarded SMS created by overnight processing will now correctly display as discarded, instead of looking like they were actually sent.

Thanks for checking out what’s new in Storman Cloud! As always, you can see our full release notes by clicking here.

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