They call it the ‘Silly Season’ – but backups are far from silly…

As we near closer to the end of the year and the silly season begins it’s important to remember one thing: keep yourself as well as your business safe.

One of the most important daily/weekly routines of any business is backing up your data. Without a secure backup of your data that you can easily obtain and access in a time of need i.e. should your current data become corrupt due to unforeseen circumstances, then your business is constantly at risk. Imagine how you would cope not knowing whose renting at your site, how much they are billed, how much they owe or how many units they rent for example.

It is important to ensure that your backups are running and that they are current; to ensure that your StorMan is setup and running backups correctly please read the following articles. Please read them even if you are sure your backups are working we would rather you were safe than sorry.

No one wants to spend the New Year inputting data from 3 years ago because they didn’t have a backup in place when the server died overnight on Christmas!


If you get a quiet period make a New Year’s Resolution to learn about that area of StorMan you always wanted to up skill in but just haven’t found the time to. Take the opportunity and log into our huge online client knowledgebase or view some of our video recordings & enrich your Storman user experience.

I would also like to opportunity to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your support throughout 2011!


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