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Why staff training really adds up

For many storage facility owners, staff training sits lower down on their list of priorities. To them, it seems like one big cost that doesn’t really add that much to their bottom line. But let’s look for a moment at some of the reasons why renters choose one self storage business over another in the first […]

How Staff Training Leads to Higher Occupancy Levels

Can something as simple as staff training really increase occupancy levels? At first, this might seem a little too good to be true, but bear with me for a moment while we start things from the top. When people talk about training (be if for themselves or their staff) the first thing that usually comes […]

Storman Training with Coastline Mini Storage

Earlier this week, I was joined by a number of StorMan users from Coastline Mini Self Storage, who flew up to see us all the way from Wollongong – south of Sydney. As always, it’s lovely to put faces to names and to see how others use our self storage management software to help them […]

Newcastle Training with Nelson Bay Self Storage

Yesterday started quite early for me; a 4am wake-up and a 5am start at Brisbane Airport. Given it’s winter at the moment, it was pitch dark as the taxi rolled up at home and then into the airport about 15 minutes later. My 6am flight was on-time, so I ducked into The Lounge for a […]

Storman’s Training Roadshow heads to Melbourne (again)

Frequent blog readers will know that Melbourne is a favourite destination of mine and I recently had the pleasure of visiting again, for another leg of our Storman Training Roadshow. In true Melbourne style, the temperature fluctuated wildly – with Monday & Tuesday a warm 31 degrees Celsius, followed by tops of around 15 degrees […]

Storman’s Training Roadshow heads to Sydney

I visited a very wet Sydney yesterday to conduct our Storman Advanced Training course at The Menzies hotel. That said, Brisbane’s been a bit the same lately, too – but I won’t complain, as it’s much-needed up here & I happen to enjoy the rain anyway. After a quick breakie downstairs & a few dozen […]

Andy (and the ants) visit Auckland

This time last week, I ventured ‘across the ditch’ from Brisbane, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand to conduct our Storman Advanced Training course at our Auckland head office. After a smooth & uneventful flight across the Tasman with Air New Zealand, I landed at around 5:30pm local time and headed to the nearby Jet Park […]

2013 Training Roadshow – Auckland

On Monday morning, I headed off to the airport bound for Auckland – the final stop on our multi-city tour of Australia & New Zealand for the 2013 Storman Training Roadshow. After a fairly uneventful flight with Air New Zealand, I landed at around 5:30pm local time and headed to the nearby Jet Park Hotel […]

2013 Training Roadshow – Brisbane

This week, the Australian-based leg of our 2013 Training Roadshow drew to a close as we concluded with two sessions in Brisbane. Normally these trips involve packing a suitcase and booking flights + accommodation… but given the training took place in our boardroom, the only trip I had to prepare for was a 5 meter […]

2013 Training Roadshow – Perth

Last week, I headed across to Perth, Western Australia for the next leg of the Storman Training Roadshow after recently returning from the Cairns, Melbourne & Sydney sessions. Having never visited Western Australia before, I was rather looking forward to it!   Monday 3rd June Monday morning, 8am, and at the airport awaiting boarding. Today […]