Storman’s Training Roadshow heads to Melbourne (again)

Frequent blog readers will know that Melbourne is a favourite destination of mine and I recently had the pleasure of visiting again, for another leg of our Storman Training Roadshow. In true Melbourne style, the temperature fluctuated wildly – with Monday & Tuesday a warm 31 degrees Celsius, followed by tops of around 15 degrees later in the week.


Melbourne CBD
Melbourne CBD


The Monday afternoon flight was uneventful; as was the check-in to the hotel. After setting up and testing the training equipment, I ventured out for dinner at a local hidden-away Chinese restaurant that my boss Ben showed me many years ago.


Testing the training equipment
Testing the training equipment


On Tuesday morning I was joined by staff from Extra Space Self Storage and Central Highlands Self Storage for the Storman Advanced training course and on Wednesday, by staff from Hamilton Self Storage and Southern Self Storage for the same course. Staff from Hamilton had traveled for over 3 hours just to come along to the course!


Melbourne CBD sunrise
Melbourne CBD sunrise


On Thursday, I ventured out to Box Hill, to train the staff at Box Hill Self Storage. I’ve included a few photos from their facility below for you…




Box Hill Self Storage
Box Hill Self Storage


After training & in the evenings, I also had the opportunity to explore Melbourne a little more; as you’ll see from the photos below…






The hotel heater was in full force on Thursday
The hotel heater was in full force on Thursday




Tram #2039 - stopping all stations to Qyrp%rt0wust!
Tram #2039 – stopping all stations to Qyrp%rt0wust!


As the week drew to a close, I headed back to Brisbane on an evening flight…




Thanks to everyone who took part! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and if you took part, I welcome you to leave a testimonial if you found the training beneficial. Thanks again!

PS: We might be in your area soon! Check out our upcoming training sessions.


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