Storman v10 Released

Storman Software is pleased to announce our new v10 release. This is a significant release, and we strongly advise that you read our “Highlights, impacts & changes” document prior to installing.

Highlights of the release include the following;

  • On Microsoft Windows 10 only, Storman no longer required PDF Creator and can print directly using the integrated PDF printer in Windows 10.
  • You can now search for agreements using a date range.
  • We have added a new marketing opt-out field to Agreements after move-out, which is in line with the Self Storage Association’s Agreement terms & conditions.
  • Storman Central can now be gracefully shut down at predetermined intervals in order to facilitate operating system patching.
  • The daily Lock List now fits fully within both landscape and portrait page layouts.

For further detailed changes, please view our Release Notes.

This release is available to all users who are on a support or subscription plan. To upgrade, please contact our Technical Support team. We trust you will enjoy using our latest release.


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