Storman launches new app for PTI users

Storman GATE Broker app

We are extremely excited to announce the release of the Storman Gate Broker for customers using Storman Cloud and PTI Storlogix access control systems.

The Storman Gate Broker is a small application that is installed on the same computer as your access control software, at your storage facility. It provides simple and near real-time communication between your PTI Storlogix access control software on-site and your Storman Cloud.

With this installed, it allows you to remove Storman One fully from your site as the Gate Broker takes over the communication with the PTI Storlogix access control software and Storman Cloud.

Using the Gate Broker and Storman Cloud gives you the same features that you had before:

  • PIN numbers for staff members, security, or maintenance staff entered in Storman Cloud will be passed onto PTI Storlogix for you via the Gate Broker app.
  • Any changes to Customer timezones, PIN numbers, access levels or units; as well as lockouts when customers are overdue, or unlocks when they have paid are also all sent to PTI Storlogix for you via the Gate Broker app.

You also get a new feature!

Pay at the gate SMS to customers!

Another great feature available when using the Storman Gate Broker, is our Pay at the gate SMS.

When an overdue and locked out customer tries to enter your facility, Storman Cloud will automatically send them an SMS advising that they are locked out, as well as provide them a link to pay online via your Storpay payment portal.

  • The customer can then pay online using their credit card,
  • Their payment is sent to Storman Cloud,
  • And the Gate Broker tells PTI to let them in again!

Only available for Storman Cloud with Storpay and PTI.

To turn this feature on, you will need to have the Gate Broker installed and running; then just tick the box “SMS a Storpay link when someone overdue tries to enter” in your facility system settings.


How do I set up the gate broker?

Installation of the Storman Gate Broker is a breeze:

  1. Simply log in to Storman Cloud and go to your facility system settings,
  2. Click the link to download and install the gate broker app,
  3. Enter your access key and Cloud URL and click the connect button!

Who can use this?

For our Storman Cloud only users with PTI, chances are we may have installed Storman One on your computer to handle this communication – please contact us to have this swapped for the gate broker!

For our users running Storman Cloud and Storman One in parallel, we can now completely remove Storman One from your computer – if you would like this done please contact us at or

What about other access control providers?

At the moment the Storman Gate Broker only supports PTI Storlogix. Support for other major access providers such as Sentinel, Access Ezy and DigitGate will be available soon.

For detailed instructions on how to install the Storman Gate Broker, please visit our knowledgebase here: