National lockdown – What can you do now?


Jan 5, 2021

The Prime Minister has announced a national lockdown in England that is being largely replicated in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Although this will have some impact on self-storage businesses, stores can remain open for use by essential services, those businesses that remain open and those individuals permitted to travel under government advice.  This includes key workers, online retailers, construction and trade workers, house moves and many other potential users of self storage.  The government guidance specifically states that storage and distribution services can remain open and staff can travel to work where it is not possible to work from home.

The SSA UK recommends that stores should:

  • Update websites with notices stating that while the store remains open, it is only for essential services and people that are allowed to travel under the government guidance.
  • If you can manage your store remotely you should consider doing so. See how Storman can help you set this up.
  • Consider reducing operating hours due to reduced use of the store by customers.
  • Consider opening the reception area on an appointment only basis.
  • If staff need to be in the store, limit their contact with customers and other people as much as possible. If required to interact, maintain a minimum of 2 metres separation, use protective screens and face coverings. Ensure the social distancing and protection systems put in place over the past months are maintained.
  • Retail sales of packaging products and other merchandise should be for existing storage customers and people who are permitted to travel; not for the general public.
  • Remain vigilant with your health and hygiene program.
  • Update your COVID-19 risk assessment based on the current government advice and conditions.
  • If you do close your store, make sure you contact all customers and ensure you display emergency contact details prominently on all entry points notifying customers of the closure.

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