Ben & Chris visit the amazing Merrion Vault in Ireland

This week’s blog is about my visit to Ireland – which turned out to be much closer than expected, as Chris and I boarded our Ryanair flight (of 50 minutes) from Stanstead Airport in the UK, to land in Dublin not long after. I must confess that I was pleasantly surprised by Ireland’s very picturesque scenery.

After landing, Chris and I checked into our hotel – O’Callaghan Alexander – just off Merrion square. It is a lovely hotel and well worth a stay if you are looking for a place that is central to the entertainment district in Dublin. It also turned out to be right next door to our customers premises… well done, Chris! A very short walk to work.

Arriving at Merrion Vaults, we were warmly greeted from behind the bullet-proof glass. I was most impressed with their security but more-so in that they had hidden the security within and around a very sumptuous décor that certainly defines to the visitor that they have entered a vault.

I have to compliment the owners on their choice of marble floors and walls and fixtures and fittings which are of the finest quality. We were greeted by Roisin, who is the customer service officer and Bernadine the Accounts Officer, and made to feel very welcome. We were also met by the owners of the vault, Seamus Fahy and David Walsh, these gentlemen (pictured) are very proud of the end result of many months planning and execution of an idea that came to them around a year and a half ago.




They recognised that as banks moved away from providing safety deposit boxes to the general public that there would be an opportunity to provide a better more secure service that was far more accessible to the general public and you didn’t need to bank with an institution to obtain the service! Thus Merrion Vaults was born.

After a very interesting tour where I think I asked David about a 1000 questions which he very gracefully answered we had completed our tour and set about fine-tuning the new Storman installation. I am pleased to say that the staff had picked up the software exceptionally well and as such Chris and I had little to fix but did provide some excellent tips for how Storman’s Vault Software could streamline their business and make the signup process much easier with electronic agreements and ID scanning.




After seeing the entire operation from start to finish I was impressed with how secure the vault is and the security that they offer the customer is, I think, second to none – and I’ll be honest, I have see a few installations.

So a lovely big thank you to Merrion Vaults staff and Owners for a wonderful insight to Ireland’s latest and most secure vault. Well done guys! If you would like to check out their website please do – Merrion Vault, Ireland.


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