9 Ways Storman Cloud can grow your self storage business

9 ways to improve

The release of Storman Cloud is here and we would like to take the time to review the most important benefits you will see with the new online based software for your self storage facility. Storman Cloud’s built-in time-saving, money-making tools give you everything you need to grow your self storage business, and take it to the next level.

We compiled a list of 9 ways Storman Cloud helps to grow your self storage business.

  • Automatically correspond with your customers with our automated SMS, email and invoice tools
  • Automate the mundane, so you can get on with the great
  • Link seamlessly with your access control to make sure no one gets in or out without you knowing
  • Use our integrated help to solve questions FAST!
  • Reconcile your bank accounts into your accounts package – simply
  • Use our multitasking engine to serve up to 9 customers at once
  • Got a problem? Call our awesome support team for help!
  • Access your Storman data from anywhere, on any supported device

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Captivate your storers with the latest technology

One common trait of any successful business is being able to understand customers and adapt to meet their needs. The best organisations have upended their industries all together by paying close attention to customer personas and desires for convenience. Increasingly, organisations want to utilise their customers’ locations, shopping behaviours and unstructured feedback, be it text-based or non-text based, to help understand their customers.

Cloud has increased the ability of convenience and marketing technologies.

Socially most businesses are slow to adopt new trends. The modern consumer is very aware of it’s given customer service levels and internet based conveniences. This has become a non-negotiable prerequisite for the customers looking for your products and services. Storman Software adapted our industry leading self storage and payment management software, making future development in this growing sector available to all facilities using this valuable tool.

Storman Cloud is managing customers in a holistic way, giving you the tools to better your marketing reach and serve your storers better with increased convenience.

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