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9 Quick & Easy Ways to Secure your Management Software [eBook]

Not a week goes by where I see a news story featuring another large corporation that’s had a data breach due to hackers. Many people think that it won’t happen to them – but when it comes to security, it’s important to think about that common analogy; a chain is only as strong as its […]

The new PTI Storlogix Mobile App

PTI Australasia is pleased to announce a new Mobile App for the just released StorLogix 4.2 version. The mobile app is sure to become the perfect companion for your Self-Storage Operation. With the mobile application you can perform all your security functions from any place at any time right from your smart phone. View, control, and […]

PTI releases Storlogix version 4

With more than 25,000 installations in 30 plus countries, PTI Security Systems is the world standard for Self-Storage access control. Their systems control more than 10 Million tenant access codes world-wide. Start as simple or as sophisticated as the business requires and expand the functionality as the operation grows. Whatever your needs, PTI have an […]

How secure is your password?

If you’re like me and have trouble remembering passwords, it’s easy to fall into the trap of using the same password for everything… but this is a big no-no! It means that if one of your systems gets hacked, then they can ALL be hacked. Then there’s those websites that require complex passwords – with […]

Security in Self Storage

Security in a Self Storage facility is by far the most sought-after item on a self storage customers shopping list. According to the Self Storage Association of Australasia’s (SSAA’s) 2010 Demand Study, almost a quarter of these shoppers are looking for a secure storage facility. “Of course!”, I hear you say, “That’s obvious”. Well it […]

Time flies…

Can you believe it’s that time of year again?! Doesn’t time fly! Over the past 12 months, we have been busy installing new systems and converting other access control systems over to the PTI range. As the most reliable security system without limits, many of our customers comment on how easy it is to use […]