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Find Out How Direct Debit Can Grow Your Business [eBook]

The vast majority of your customers are probably familiar with direct debit on some level through their working or personal lives, however few of us understand its real value. Download our free eBook to see how Direct Debit can help grow your business… Learn how Direct Debit works See how Direct Debit can improve cashflow […]

9 New Ways to Engage Your Customers via SMS [Tipsheet]

As I mentioned last month, SMS is quickly becoming the next must-have tool in your arsenal for keeping in touch with your customers… but with communications going out to different customers, on different days, for different things – how can you get a handle on customer communications? Storman’s automation engine, called Daily Processing, knows exactly […]

Discounts Done Right: 5 Tips on How to Win the Price War [Whitepaper]

I’m often asked about discounting – particularly when I conduct StorMan training or attend a Sales conference, with clients keen to know how I would discount if I was running a marina or self storage facility. Given that this has been quite a hot topic of conversation over the years, I thought I would wade […]

8 ways to Build & Promote your Business for free [eBook]

Customers; both existing and potential, interact with us in a number of ways – online, on the phone and in-person. Each method has pro’s and con’s, but regardless – you have seconds to make a good impression… Online, the website needs to look good and load quickly… and that’s after they’ve found you online. If they […]

9 Quick & Easy Ways to Secure your Management Software [eBook]

Not a week goes by where I see a news story featuring another large corporation that’s had a data breach due to hackers. Many people think that it won’t happen to them – but when it comes to security, it’s important to think about that common analogy; a chain is only as strong as its […]

10 ways your Self Storage Management Software can automate your business [eBook]

Having worked in the self storage industry (more specifically, with self storage management software) for almost a decade, I’ve had the chance to visit many self storage facilities over the years. Sometimes, my visits are to train facility staff & managers on new tools available at their disposal, whereas other visits are to help a […]

Self Storage Checklists – Your key to running a schmick facility [Template]

Let’s start with this intro: “I love lists”. As an organised person, I’ll create lists (paired with reminders) for just about anything – from changing the batteries in all the remotes every 6 months, to grocery lists, lists of TV shows to watch and lists of what to pack when I go away on Storman […]