Take control of your self-storage payment collections, with Storman Cloud & GoCardless.


Storman is proud to announce that Storman Cloud now integrates with GoCardless. With one simple integration, you get to say goodbye to overdue payments, data collection errors, double-entry and data security concerns.

Our partnership allows UK self-storage facilities to securely connect a GoCardless account to Storman Cloud. From there, it’s a simple matter of sending a GoCardless link via email or SMS to your storers who want to pay their fees by direct debit from their bank account. Then, Storman Cloud takes care of the collection and reconciliation for you – saving you time and making you money.

We’re making it simple and seamless to collect regular and one-off payments from your storers’ bank accounts.

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About Our Partner

“GoCardless is a global leader in direct bank payments. We help more than 75,000 businesses, from start-ups to household names, collect both recurring and one-off payments, without the chasing, stress or expensive fees. Each year GoCardless processes more than US$30 billion of payments across 30+ countries. Our acquisition of Nordigen means we’re also helping businesses make faster and more informed decisions through easy access to bank account data. We are headquartered in the UK, with additional offices in Australia, France, Latvia and the United States.

For more information, please visit www.gocardless.com and follow us on Twitter @GoCardless.”

Win and retain more self-storage customers.

Offering automatic one off and recurring direct debits straight from a nominated bank account is a great way to provide ‘set and forget’ payment options for your storers. By providing a seamless and secure way to pay, you can increase conversion – and by reducing the work required by them, you can increase retention.

Give your self-storage customers more ways to pay. 

Now more than ever, customers expect businesses to offer a range of easily accessible and contactless payment methods. Storman’s partnership with GoCardless allows your self-storage business to diversify your payment collection methods and offer your storers an additional, simple and convenient way to make payment.

Online and paperless storage signups. 

Using Storman MoveIns to signup new customers; online or in store? The integration between Storman Cloud and GoCardless can not only setup the recurring mandate, but also capture the first month’s payment up front using instant bank pay.

Safe and secure payments – guaranteed.

Simply send your storers an SMS or email with a web link to securely enter their bank account details. Storers entering their bank account details themselves means less chance of human error or incorrect data entry. Once completed and accepted, your storers will be covered by the direct debit guarantee.

Low transaction fees, no setup costs. 

GoCardless gives you everything you need to collect recurring and one-off payments from storer bank accounts – all with a simple pricing structure and low transaction fees. Simplifying and automating your Accounts Receivable process has never been easier, thanks to the integration between Storman Cloud and GoCardless!


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