What’s new in Storman Cloud (Oct)

Whats new in Storman Cloud

Recent releases to Storman Cloud has seen some helpful improvements we think you will love, as well as extra enhancements to make sure your Storman security is enhanced.

Multi-location facility map

Due to popular demand, we now offer our users the ability to upload multiple image files to the facility map! This allows users with multiple floors or buildings at one facility to find units with more accuracy and it is easier to use for each location/building/area. To read more on our multi-layered facility map, click here.

The new bulk payment adder!

  • Do you have storers that pay directly into your facility bank account?
  • Do you login to your internet banking every morning to see these?
  • Do you open each agreement one by one, to add these payments into Storman?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll love this new feature!

Use our new bulk payment adder (from the banking menu) to add a number of payments (of the same date and type) to a number of different agreements in one single click.

Perfect for those customers that pay directly into your bank account, as long as they remember to put their unit or agreement number as the reference!

Automatic ‘pay online’ SMS at the Gate

For overdue and locked out customers that try to enter your facility, Storman can automatically send them an SMS with a link to pay their account online.

Once paid, Storman will automatically update their status back to access allowed and they will be able to enter.

*only available for Storman Cloud with Storpay and PTI 

Automatic gate PIN SMS for online signups

Are you using Storman Move-ins with Storman Cloud?

Have Storman automatically send any new storers (signing up via online move-ins) an SMS with their randomly created gate access PIN so you don’t have to.

Sneak peak (coming soon)

Are you part of a multi-site facility group?

We have some cool things coming soon to a Storman Cloud near you, they should be here just in time for Christmas.. Stay tuned!

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