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How Analysing Current Storers Can Help You Find Future Storers

Your current and past storers provide a wealth of information to you as part of their storage journey with you. By analysing your current (and past) storers, you can learn a lot about your “average storer” and use this to make targeted decisions about marketing spend, facility improvements and if expanding, what mix of units […]

Storman v10 Released

Storman Software is pleased to announce our new v10 release. This is a significant release, and we strongly advise that you read our “Highlights, impacts & changes” document prior to installing. Highlights of the release include the following; On Microsoft Windows 10 only, Storman no longer required PDF Creator and can print directly using the integrated PDF printer […]

Why Annual Rent Increases Create Work & Cause Churn

Virtually every business has its fair share of time-consuming tasks; be it a marina doing the daily dock-walk, or a self storage facility cleaning recently-vacated units. While some tasks are just part of life (that is, until such time as someone invents an industrial-sized robotic vacuum), other tasks can easily be automated – one such […]

9 Quick & Easy Ways to Secure your Management Software [eBook]

Not a week goes by where I see a news story featuring another large corporation that’s had a data breach due to hackers. Many people think that it won’t happen to them – but when it comes to security, it’s important to think about that common analogy; a chain is only as strong as its […]

How software can pay off your self storage investment faster

Management software needs to enhance your business. Many people, especially new entrants that are coming from other businesses or industries, are surprised that as an industry we have specialised management software. More importantly, we have people who understand what effective management software can mean to a self storage business. Unlike the concrete slab that many […]

10 ways your Self Storage Management Software can automate your business [eBook]

Having worked in the self storage industry (more specifically, with self storage management software) for almost a decade, I’ve had the chance to visit many self storage facilities over the years. Sometimes, my visits are to train facility staff & managers on new tools available at their disposal, whereas other visits are to help a […]

Send a Christmas-time mail merge using Storman

With only 42 days until Christmas, it’s about this time of year when we get a lot of Storman users asking how they can create and send email merges from within Storman. Although the most popular use is to advise customers of the opening hours over Christmas, a number of our clients also create image-rich […]

The new PTI Storlogix Mobile App

PTI Australasia is pleased to announce a new Mobile App for the just released StorLogix 4.2 version. The mobile app is sure to become the perfect companion for your Self-Storage Operation. With the mobile application you can perform all your security functions from any place at any time right from your smart phone. View, control, and […]

PTI releases Storlogix version 4

With more than 25,000 installations in 30 plus countries, PTI Security Systems is the world standard for Self-Storage access control. Their systems control more than 10 Million tenant access codes world-wide. Start as simple or as sophisticated as the business requires and expand the functionality as the operation grows. Whatever your needs, PTI have an […]

Mini Storage Shanghai

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Shanghai in China to install our very first Mainland China installation! This was undertaken for a new company called Mini Storage Shanghai. Mini Storage Shanghai is located in Pudong, Shanghai, China and is a new construction which is, essentially, in the “western” part of Shanghai and has […]