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Discounts Done Right: 5 Tips on How to Win the Price War [Whitepaper]

I’m often asked about discounting – particularly when I conduct StorMan training or attend a Sales conference, with clients keen to know how I would discount if I was running a marina or self storage facility. Given that this has been quite a hot topic of conversation over the years, I thought I would wade […]

Getting into the Self Storage industry – new (Greenfields) vs. existing (Conversion)

The debate rages at this point and there are pros and cons for each side. This argument can be very foreboding for a new operator – should I build new or convert an existing premises? Many new entrants will understand that to build new is easier, essentially it’s a block of dirt and therefore a […]

How software can pay off your self storage investment faster

Management software needs to enhance your business. Many people, especially new entrants that are coming from other businesses or industries, are surprised that as an industry we have specialised management software. More importantly, we have people who understand what effective management software can mean to a self storage business. Unlike the concrete slab that many […]

2014 Movers & Storers Show

Hello everyone – and a special hello to our customers in the UK! It’s that time of year again when I head off to the northern hemisphere to attend the Movers & Storers Show at Silverstone Raceway in Northamptonshire. Silverstone is around two hours drive from our Storman office in Ipswich and is well attended […]

Ben returns following a successful Storage King Convention

Hello everyone, Well it’s that time of year again when I head off to the Storage King conference. This year it was in my home town of Adelaide and I must say it was nice to come home. Contrary to popular belief things do change in Adelaide and while I was there found the new […]

Ben & Chris visit the amazing Merrion Vault in Ireland

This week’s blog is about my visit to Ireland – which turned out to be much closer than expected, as Chris and I boarded our Ryanair flight (of 50 minutes) from Stanstead Airport in the UK, to land in Dublin not long after. I must confess that I was pleasantly surprised by Ireland’s very picturesque […]

2013 Movers & Storers Show (with photos)

“Surprise of the year” is how I would describe the turnout and the events of the 2013 Movers and Storer’s Show at Silverstone raceway. Chris and myself were looking forward to attending this show, not at least because it was at Silverstone raceway which has been, and continues to be, the heart of Formula 1 […]

Greetings from the UK

Greetings from the UK! Normally at this time of the year I am ensconced in the pool most days after work and looking forward to the air-conditioning at work as the Brisbane daytime temperatures top out around 34 degrees Celsius… however, this time it is not the case. For the last week I have been […]

Mini Storage Shanghai

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Shanghai in China to install our very first Mainland China installation! This was undertaken for a new company called Mini Storage Shanghai. Mini Storage Shanghai is located in Pudong, Shanghai, China and is a new construction which is, essentially, in the “western” part of Shanghai and has […]

RentPlus support has been discontinued… now what?

News tends to travel quickly in the Self Storage industry and, by now, you will most likely be aware of an announcement made by RentPlus developers, HI-TECH Smart Systems Inc., to discontinue support for RentPlus in Australia and New Zealand. If you currently run RentPlus v1.8 or RentPlus v2.0, you will be pleased to know […]