How to stop collecting a customers’ rent in Storman Cloud when they can’t move out

How to stop collecting a customers

When a customer wants to move-out, but is unable to due to circumstances, then Storman Cloud can be configured to stop billing rent, if a move-out date is set for the customer.

To do this:

  1. As a one-off task, setup your Storman Cloud configuration and “uncheck” the setting “Bill rent even when move-out date is set” tick boxes as shown below:Navigate -→ Side navbar → Maintenance → Settings → Facility → Operations tab

Stop rent in Cloud

  1. Navigate to your customers account and choose to “Close the agreement” option

Stop rent in Cloud

  1. Then enter the “Agreement close date” and press SAVE. This will then exclude this customer from being billed further rent.

Stop rent in Cloud
Important: DO NOT ENTER A NOTICE DATE as this will trigger the full move-out process.

Once done, from this point onwards the customer will not be billed rent.