Manage your self storage facility from anywhere with Storman Cloud.

Storman Cloud Features

Built by people who have been providing class leading software
to the self storage industry for almost 3 decades.    


Why Storman Cloud?

Storman Cloud is cloud based self storage management software
for single facilities and multi-sites that manages all aspects of self storage, your facility and your customers.

Storman Cloud is easy to learn and easy to use

An all-in-one solution for your self storage software needs

Heatmap in Storman Cloud
Storman Cloud Inventory
Storman Cloud Email Invoice screen
Storman Cloud Credit card payment
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Make more money with enhanced lead management

Storman Cloud has everything you need to close that sale quickly! An all-in-one solution for your self storage management.
  • Never miss an important enquiry again! Minimise lost sales, with our class leading sales management.
  • Directly send quotes and messages to your customers from our enhanced built in CRM.
  • See at a glance what unit types and sizes you have available.
  • If you are integrated with our API or set up with our Storman Reservations and/or Storman Move-Ins, tasks are automatically created when an online enquiry comes in from your website, straight into Storman. Have your agreements set up for online digital signatures and contactless operation.
  • Easily multitask in Storman Cloud with multiple open tabs!
Self Storage Software

Manage your facility from anywhere, anytime, no need for software on site. Easily upgrade from Storman One or other software.

SINGLE & MULTI-SITE Management Software

Multi-site user management, brand consistency, convenient call centre management and multi-site reporting functionality.

The software that makes it easy for you

Staff can manage all of your customers in one cloud based environment.

  • Interactive facility map with real time data that is easy to set up and easy to use, with benefits for your call centre staff like photos and real time availability.
  • Customer Management is easy and well laid out for easy management with Google Maps to verify the address.
  • See all your storage agreements, payments, inventory, billing, units, customers, and reservations in one place.
Automatic overnight processing

Storman’s automatic overnight processing will collect payments due, apply rent increases, email invoices and send late notifications to your customers for you!

Access Control Integration

Integrate your access control with Storman Cloud.

Automatically lock-out overdue customers and unlock them when they are paid up to date.

“We were so excited to start using Storman Cloud, it is so easy to use. The interface is clean and simple and it still feels like Storman.” 
R Phillips

Storman Cloud integrates with all leading access control providers.

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