Andy (and the ants) visit Auckland

This time last week, I ventured ‘across the ditch’ from Brisbane, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand to conduct our Storman Advanced Training course at our Auckland head office.

After a smooth & uneventful flight across the Tasman with Air New Zealand, I landed at around 5:30pm local time and headed to the nearby Jet Park Hotel to check-in & have a bite to eat for dinner. As usual, dinner consisted of the hotel’s delicious “Kiwi Burger” (pictured below) which, despite the name, is made from cow. It seems that New Zealanders, unlike Aussies, don’t seem to eat their national fauna… but this is a good thing, since the Kiwi bird is actually endangered!


Jet Park Hotel's "Kiwi Burger"
Jet Park Hotel’s “Kiwi Burger”


After a short sleep (thanks to Auckland being three hours ahead of Brisbane and my body not liking my brain’s attempts to have it go to sleep at what it thought was 7pm), Wednesday rolled around and I was joined by clients from Self Storage World ,Cascade Storage, Fort Knox Storage, Guardian Storage, City Storage and Brixton Storage at the office for a great day of training. With a total of 8 in the boardroom (not including the ants; more on them later), we were at maximum capacity – which is great to see.

We covered many of the new features in our flagship v9 self storage management software product, as well as a range of advanced topics such as email merges, writing off bad debts, icon customisation, utilising the map to its full potential – and much more.


Departing Jet Park Hotel at 4am
Departing Jet Park Hotel at 4am


I was pleased to see so much interaction between the group and it was great to have so many excellent questions & ideas bouncing around the room at the end, too – it showed that everyone had taken in a lot of information and was keen to apply it to their businesses, expand it further and even come up with some great feature requests to add even more great ideas into future versions of Storman!

It was also rather amusing for us to count the number of ants that began emerging from my work laptop as the day progressed (obviously the inside of the laptop was getting warmer as time went on). I think we were up to 37 ants by lunchtime. To this day, I still have no idea where they came from… were they from Australia? From the plane? The hotel? Or perhaps they came from Johnno’s car (Johnno, from our Auckland office, picked me up from the hotel that morning)… either way, they remain a mystery! For those concerned about bio-security, all ants were suitably exterminated.


Air New Zealand's Koru Lounge
Air New Zealand’s Koru Lounge


Wednesday night came & went; on Thursday (after a 3:30am wake-up and a 4am trip to the airport), I checked-in, headed through security and ventured into the Air NZ lounge for some breakfast before catching my flight back to Brisbane, Australia.


Brisbane CBD, as seen from the air upon landing
Brisbane CBD, as seen from the air upon landing


Thanks to everyone who took part in what was our largest Auckland training group to date. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I (and the ants) did!

PS: We might be in your area soon! Check out our upcoming training sessions.


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